Google Pixel 3 price and full specifications

The previous Google Pixel 3 Mobiles phones became very popular with users due to the extraordinary camera with reliable Price. You must know that the Google Pixel 2 XL phone that came out last year competes equally with the IPhone X camera.

And this phone won the prize because of its extraordinary camera. Google Pixel 3 is re-released while maintaining the quality of previous Phones. This phone is thought to be excellent quality. Let’s know about some important updates on this phone.

Camera and display specifications

  • Google Pixel 3 Phone helps you to take great photos.And surprisingly bright and clear photos.
  • Like the Google Pixel 2, this camera also shows performance and security.
  • This phone offers a Google lens. You can easily search the Internet and find information related to what you have captured on your phone.For example, suppose you take a picture of an animal and you have no idea about that animal.You can easily find out about all of that animal’s content with a Google lens.
  • This phone display is a standard 5.5″ sized Full HD+ display.
  • The frame of this phone is made of aluminum metal.
  • Google has added a ‘Titan M’ chip to make your passwords stronger and provide you 100% protection.
  • Google’s good camera and better improved 5.5 OLED screen got a friendly size.

This phone has all the quality for human use.And has received satisfactory from the users.

Google Pixel 3 price details

Google Pixel 3 was released at the end of 2018.Google Pixel 3 in the US gets a released on October 18.The best Google Pixel 3 and you can take advantage of right now.You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy Google Pixel 3 as per your list of favorite phones.You can easily buy the Google Pixel 3 phone according to your budget.

Google Pixel 3 phone pricing at the Google Store

  • Google Pixel 3 (64GB) for $799.
  • Google Pixel 3 (128GB) for $899.
  • unlocked 64GB Google Pixel 3 for $749 ($51 off)

All I can say is buy a good phone and spend a good amount of money. Google Pixel 3 is undoubtedly a good phone and its price is lower than other phones which will be very easy for a buyer.

And at present Amazon also offers the unlocked 64GB Google Pixel 3 for $749 ($51 off).Google Pixel 3 phone is backed by Amazon’s 90-day warranty.There are many benefits to using this quality phone that you will not get on other phones.

Google Pixel 3 get the best Price in any country.  Using this Android phone you can enjoy all the benefits of Android as well as discover something new. The amount of money you have to spend to buy this phone will be enough for you. The quality that this phone has is really remarkable and fascinating.

Google Pixel 3 is Android smartphones from the Google Pixel best product line.The phone was officially announced on October 9, 2018, and is released worldwide October 18, 2018.For Android phone users, this is considered extremely valuable.And it’s a great update from Google. Also may you now read Google Pixel 3 XL review and specification

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