Black Shark 2 Review, Launch Date, Price, Features, Specs

Xiaomi this year, they have also added one of the most powerful and fastest phones, which is Black Shark 2 on their family. It is the best Smartphone made for gaming. Xiaomi has come up some of the best Smartphone’s in past years such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (2016), Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (2017), Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (2017), and Realme 3 Pro (2019).

Black Shark 2 Overview

Xiaomi has launched a gaming Smartphone that is the fastest touch response phone in the world that is the best record at least I love it. The touch screen feature of this phone offers a better gaming experience to all the gamers, and it has taken the Android gaming a whole new level.

The phone is not only the fastest one but also one of the most powerful phones in the market. The reason behind its power is its modern CPU and other several features. Its functionality was tested by the best gamer who managed to reach the record score of 1405 points on the Chinese game called “神.”

Launch Date and Price

Black Shark 2 was launched in March 2019. The phone was officially launched on 18th March 2019 in China. At the same time, it was launched 27th May 2019 in India. Well, its release date for the US and UK are not confirmed.

The phone has two variants one 6GB RAM that has 128GB storage, and another is 12GB that has 256GB storage. The 6GB RAM phone’s price is CNY 3,200, and 12GB phone’s price is CNY 4,200.


Come to think of it, Black Shark 2 Smartphone has some of the best features that have made it one of the most powerful Smartphone. Those features are:

Direct Touch Liquid Cooling 3.0

The Smartphone has a direct touch liquid cooling 3.0 that has taken liquid cooling to the next level. The system comes with an oversized cooling plate that covers all major components. Besides, it reduces core temperatures up to 14°C, and it has the same thermal technology used in high-end PC gaming rings.

Ludicrous Mode

It has many modes, but this mode is the coolest. Its flagship hardware and optimized software provide a superior gaming performance. Gamers are going to enjoy its gaming experience thanks to the Ludicrous Mode that can max boost performance. Besides, it provides the smoothest gaming with buttery-smooth frame-rates.

Lowest Latency Touch

It provides the lowest latency touch that you only find in this phone. Now, a tiny second can change your game. But, it won’t because its touch report rate is up to 240Hz and its response time is 43.5ms. That makes it the fastest input response for action games, RPGs, and shooters.

Master Touch

To make your gaming experience better, Black Shark 2 has a master touch feature. You can use it to control button layouts and boost your K/D ratio. It has an excellent Gaming AI, which can set a custom touch zone and trigger multiple on-screen actions with only two thumbs.


The Black Shark 2 has 6.39 inches of TrueView display with HDR. Its display is AMOLED screen and has independent DSP. The widescreen display of this phone produces more realistic, natural, and accurate colors so that gamers can enjoy their game.


Gaming Light

The phone can produce more than 16.8 million colors that can sync with in-game effects and dance to music. Its colors make the game even more impressive to play. It provides an entertainment and immersive experience to all gamers.


It has an excellent audio quality that is 25% larger than the standard Smartphone speakers. It has two front-facing speakers that provide great sound. The microphones will ensure crystal clear in-game voice chat while playing a game. Its AI technology can automatically detect and optimize audio for games, music, videos, and movies.


The phone is one of the most powerful phones in the world. That is because it has a strong Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-core Processor that has 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage capacity.

Operating System and Camera

It comes with the latest Android v9.0 (pie). However, the cameras of this smartphone are great too. It comes with 48 and 12 MP dual rear cameras; along with a 20 MP front camera as well.


It has a huge space. Besides, the phone’s Android interface transforms it into a customized gaming hub. The RAM is promptly cleared for maximum gaming performance then the games will instantly be organized on your fingertips.

Gamer Studio

Remember the Ludicrous Mode I talked about earlier in this article. You can use this mode and enable it on the Gamer Studio for the maximum performance. It can also tweak the display settings; customize the touch settings, change the theme, and much more stuff.


You can enjoy playing games in this game and to make sure you will; the phone comes with a 4000mAh high-capacity battery that has 27W/4.8A quick charging. The best thing about the phone is that only 5 minutes of charging provides up to half an hour of gaming experience.

Smart Antenna

Nowadays, almost all the games come with internet connectivity, and gamers can play games online. Now, the phone makes sure you can play games online without any issues; it has an X-type antenna and two side antennas that provide a strong connection.

Fingerprint Scanner

The phone has a great concern about the security of this phone. You can secure all your data with the fingerprint scanner with only a single tap on the screen.


The Black Shark 2 dimensions are 163.61 mm x 75.01 mm x 8.77 mm, which weights around 205 grams. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 premium-tier 2.84 GHz processor and 6 GB RAM for better performance. Its cameras are 48+12 MP rear and 20 MP fronts, and its battery is 4000mAh.


The phone is the best for and the first choice for gamers. But, I must tell you that it has some flaws like no waterproofing and dustproofing, no US release, no IP certification, and MicroSD slot. Even it has those flows, but it is one of the most powerful phones on the planet.


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